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I encourage all of my clients to record their sessions to capture the details that come about during the session.


Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Reading

The here now, past, what's comin’, and what’s goin’.


All you need is you for this session.  This reading is about what’s going on now, and events surrounding you.  There are very specific elements, and patterns we see here in these sessions, the information received is deeply rooted with integrity, truth, and honesty. Many of my clients, including myself, wonder, ”how did you know that?”  These sessions can be emotional, joyful, transformational, always informative, with the eye on the prize, you!

Intuitive Natal Astrology

The foundation of who you are and what you came here to be!! Gorgeous! This is where we see it all!  This is a unique fingerprint, ours at the time of birth.  This is where we see our divine soul spark, passion, drive, communication, work style, love tendencies, home life, our blueprint. It is the mash potatoes, and the gravy! Not even twins carry the same exact chart, all the planets align uniquely around us at the time of birth.

What you need:

Birth time, Exact, (like your birth certificate if possible) month/day/year, and place of birth.

Remote sessions available.