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My readings are based on over 28 years of study in Healing insight through Spiritual tools, including: Tarot, and Astrology, Focusing on authenticity, compassion, and honesty.


My journey has taken me from  Austin, to New Orleans, where I worked at Bottom of the Cup Tea Room, the oldest active reading establishment in the United States.  Los Angeles, Northwest and Sacramento, now Home in Savannah, Georgia. I get great satisfaction in serving others with a down-to-earth approach as an Empath, Medium, Coach, and Intuitive.   

My Journey began with my own rebirth, and transformative process of introspection, and healing in Austin, Texas. I was curious about wellness, and healing through different spiritual modalities.


I Studied Theology a semester of College,  I remained on a quest of exploring, Many paths to enlightenment from esoteric, indigenous, and religious world views.


On my path, I had several Epiphanies, I began to observe common themes in the different spiritual roads to transformative healing.  So the universe would have it, I had an opportunity to study Tarot, then Astrology.  


These tools, coupled with knowledge, and experience of supporting myself, and others in Wellness, have deeply impacted the road to healing, insight and clarity for my clients.


 I am so grateful to witness, share, and support others on their opportunities for healing, and transformations, utilizing my gifts of Intuitive Sight,  I love my purpose, supporting clients in transformation, and wellness.

My style is non-judgmental, compassionate, and down to earth, with a sprinkle of humor!




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"Very intuitive, insightful, & real.

Serrena brings so much clarity and insight to any concerns, challenges, or success I may have. I appreciate her honesty, rawness, and thoroughness & to top it off she has such an awesome vibe!


Thank you Serrena!"

—  Ramsey, Epiphany Inc. customer

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